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Bitesize Music Releases BG Harmony's Debut Single

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of BG Harmony's debut single titled "Chapter One" after many weeks of hard work and creativity. Chapter One sets the tone for BG Harmony's vision of creating original music influenced by the many pop-rock artists they have studied and honoured through their past live gigs. The band kicks off its mission with a melodic rock ballad composed by the band's lead singer, Fawaz Al Shaikh, who also delivers the vocal performance with passion and warmth. BG Harmony's resident bassist Ismail Gharib laid down the smooth bass line and the beautiful guitar riffs were layered by guest guitarist, Isa Al Qattan. The track was finally arranged, mixed and mastered with love by Bitesize Music's lead producer, Mike Zachariades.

We proudly present to you the final debut single titled BG Harmony - Chapter One:

To learn more about BG Harmony, its members, music and more, please visit their official profile page here.

With Love,

The Bitesize Music Team

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