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Bringing performances to the world

Live Acts

We have a large network of bands, solo acts, DJs and Studio Musicians

Audio Equipment

We supply speakers, monitors, mixers, cables, and all other equipment

Sound Engineering

We manage the live sound and ensure that it is tailored to the event's location

Music Programme

We schedule the live acts and create a programme that is dynamic and flows smoothly

Event Management

We manage the whole process from planning to coordination and delivery 

Graphic Design

We design the graphics for the event such as leaflets, brochures and banners

Music Events

Where the magic happens


Record your own songs while receiving guidance by a trained producer

Audio Lessons

Take audio engineering lessons  with our trained producer/engineer


Send your music to get mixed professionally using a range of high-end tools

Speaker Rental

We own a pair of speakers that you can hire for a house party or for a small event


Get your music mastered up to industry standard and ready for distribution

Band Practices

Have a band practice or a jam session and record your session to pick up mistakes


Taking your image and brand to the next level

Image Development

Build your image as an artist or band and establish a stronger presence

Professional Advice

Get professional advice on how to take your music and brand to the next level

Marketing Strategy

Get your music heard through our tailor-made promotional strategies

Perform Live

Share your talent with the world by performing at a live venue

Social Media Strategy

Expand your network by implementing a solid social media strategy


Get all your content professionally drafted by a marketing specialist

Artist Management

Our proud collaboration with JEO Productions

Studio Music Videos

Video in a studio/room where the focus is on musicians and instruments

Story Music Videos

Work with a director to visualise the story behind your song

Staged Music Videos

Filmed in a unique location, ideal for emphasis on dramatic scenery

Live Event Filming

Record one of your live performances or even get your full concert on DVD

Live Music Videos

Great for capturing the energy and excitement of a live setting


Document the making of a song or album and share it with your fans

Music Videos
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